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Becky Fenno Jeremy Tate Brian Sanders
BECKY FENNO, AIA, LEED AP Jeremy Tate, Associate AIA, LEED AP Brian Sanders, AIA, LEED AP

Becky Fenno is the lead architect at Meadors.  She completed her undergraduate work in architecture at Princeton, received a Masters in Historic Preservation from Columbia University and a Master of Architecture from UCLA. She has a passion for innovative design that draws from traditional materials and building methods and has a hands-on approach to the project’s construction.  

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Science in Design and Master of Architecture from Clemson University.  In his work, he explores how developments in technology can shape architecture and construction and how the two can be integrated to provide the client with the best product in terms of design, construction, management, and execution.  

Brian pursued his undergraduate degree in art and applied mathematics at Davidson College, prior to focusing on Architecture in graduate studies at Tulane University.  In New Orleans, and now in Charleston, he is inspired by how building form and materials can be influenced by culture and climate; and he merges that foundation for design with modern technologies to create sustainable, progressive architecture that respects its context.